02.03.141:51 PM ET

Not Buying Sexism at the Super Bowl

Less irksome ads during this year’s game.

Were Sunday's Super Bowl ads less sexist than usual? Although we (thankfully) saw no GoDaddy girls, many ads still targeted a male audience, despite the fact that the majority of the Super Bowl’s viewers are women. One Volkswagen ad depicted German automobile engineers getting wings after a manufactured car had driven 100,000 miles. The only problem was that all of the engineers were men. 

Foreseeing such short sightedness, Miss Representation of The Representation Projectlaunched the #NotBuyingIt app last week, asking Super Bowl viewers to call out sexism and chauvinism in by boycotting the advertised product. It’s uncertain whether or not the app’s launch had anything to do with the decrease in blatant sexism in this year’s ads, but regardless, it’s a sign of progress. At least now we have somewhere to rant, rather than just yelling at the TV screen.