02.06.145:26 PM ET

"Shy" Male Student Sues Women's Studies Teacher

She failed him for never attending class. His excuse: all the female students made him anxious.

Many women could probably tell of a time when they were the only girl in a room. Boardrooms, parliamentary halls and research labs are home to many of these scenarios. When women enter these situations, they are often perceived as the fortunate, "breaking the glass ceiling" foreigner. But for one male student who found himself in the same scenario, he sees himself as victim. Meet Wongene Daniel Kim, a student at University of Toronto. He filed a claim with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal against his Women and Gender Studies professor after she failed him for not attending class. Kim enrolled in Professor Sarah Trimble's class because it was the only one that accommodated his schedule. Once seeing that (shocker) there were only women in the course, Kim blamed his "anxiety" for making this all-female scenario too hostile and otherwise unbearable for him to ever attend another class. Normally, when a student doesn't attend class, he fails. Kim felt however that his failure was due to Professor Trimble's discrimination against her male students, claiming she did not accommodate causing him to not want to attend her class. To say this to a professor of gender studies, is well, questionable. The Ontario Right Tribunal saw the case differently and according to their ruling, they have no evidence of Kim being “excluded, disadvantaged or treated unequally on the basis of his gender,” because his supposed anxiety hinged on “mere speculation as he never gave the class, or the women, a chance.”