F bomb

02.19.144:30 PM ET

Elaine Stritch Says it Like it Is

The actress dropped some bombs on the Today show.

Elaine Stritch has never let anyone shut her up. And at 89 years old, she's not about to start. The actress and Broadway star visited the Today show to promote a documentary on her life called, wait for it, Shoot Me. (We really don't want to do that, but the title proves just how little she cares.) The show biz royalty, draped in furs and speaking behind dark sunglasses while resting on her wheelchair throne, threw a casual F-bomb after being asked why she was "also known by her mouth." As Stitch says, she's just speaking naturally! At the sound of the F-word alarm,  Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb flipped out in proper panic and hushed Her Highness. But Stritch took to Twitter and got the last word, tweeting: “LOVE these broads, but no F’ING way they get the last word on this show!”