Cover Story

03.10.144:02 PM ET

If Magazine's Were True to Women's Lives

A project creates headlines for the difficult issues facing young women.

What if the covers of women's magazines reflected the lived realities of women and young girls? To answer this question, Catapult, the feminist crowdfunding site, took statistics on the state of girls around the world and gave them the glossy magazine treatment. The satirical “covers” include a bridal magazine aimed at the 14 million girls forced to marry, a housekeeping magazine spotlighting the estimated 1.2 million children trafficked into slavery, and a fashion mag for 13-year-old victims of sexual exploitation. The images cleverly--and sometimes painfully--reflect just how out of touch "women's media" is with the real-world challenges facing young girls around the world, and each cover image is accompanied by a link to a corresponding Catapult campaign.