03.17.144:34 PM ET

A Bad Week for Pakistani Women

A week of murder, suicide, and gratuitous insult make a mockery of International Women's Day celebrations for the women of Pakistan.

Following International Women's Day, Pakistani women faced a new wave of misogynistic persecution. Writer Rafia Zakaria detailed five events ranging from petty to monstrous, all occurring within a single week. On March 11, Pakistan's Council of Islamic Ideology declared that laws forbidding child marriage were "un-Islamic." Three days later, a rape victim immolated herself in front of the police station whose officers chose to free her alleged assailants. Another woman was buried alive after she chose the man she wanted to marry even after she was assured she would not be punished for her declaration. Shahid Afridi, a prominent Pakistani cricket player, told women to stay off the cricket pitch and remain in the kitchen. And on Friday, police beat more than 100 female nurses protesting outside the Punjab Assembly building.