03.17.143:10 PM ET

A New Setback for Uganda’s Gays

One man's project documenting Uganda's LGBT community was misused by a Ugandan tabloid for shame and harm.

 Two years ago, while working for a non-profit in Uganda as a single gay man, Denver David Robinson reached out to gay activists in Uganda in search of community. Inspired by his new friends, he completed a photographic project documenting queer Ugandans' lives, work, and adversities. The photo essay was published last year by the U.S. LGBT magazine The Advocate. Then, in February, Uganda passed its virulent Anti-Homosexuality Act. Later that month, to Robinson’s shock and to the utter dismay of the people involved in his project, Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper republished his story without permission—publicly outing and shaming all involved, and, given the stringent new homophobic law, putting their lives at risk. Robinson is suing Red Pepper for copyright infringement—Uganda’s laws are ironically stringent in this area as well—and says that at least some of his Ugandan subjects do not regret participating in his story.