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03.18.144:40 PM ET

Gaga Called Out for Vomit Act

Actress Demi Lovato says Lady Gaga’s SXSW performance 'glamorizes' eating disorders.

Actress Demi Lovato called out pop star Lady Gaga on her recent SXSW performance with "professional vomit painter" Millie Brown, accusing the pop star of "glamorizing" eating disorders. Lovato, who received treatment for bulimia in 2010, found the performance more than distasteful—she felt it harmful for Gaga fans to see self-induced vomit glorified. Gaga is known for her kooky and sometimes questionable antics, but as Lovato pointed out, claiming to have an eating disorder doesn't give you license to replicate it on stage. As Lovato adeptly pointed out, making art is not a blanket excuse for, well, anything.