03.23.1410:52 PM ET

New Homes For New Moms

The Jeremiah Project creates communities​ for single moms in Austin

One non profit in Austin is trying to save a community by building a village. The New York Times profiled the Jeremiah Program, an Austin-based organization that takes a two fold approach to helping single mothers break from cycles of poverty and violence and create better futures for their children, instead of simply providing mother's with child care, the Jeremiah Program also gives them a shot at their own future by facilitating further education. But what make's the project all the more singular is that it gives a selected group of mothers a subsidized housing, creating a new community supported by other single moms. In order to qualify for the program, mothers have to complete a courses at the center. One such mother is Aniza Gomez and her daughter Lea. Coming from a home torn by drug use, Gomez found herself in an abusive relationship with Lea's father. She was able to leave with her daughter but had no education and no means of getting money. Now that she is part of the Jeremiah Project, she is on her way to becoming a surgeon's assistant, and little Lea has a new bedroom. The Jeremiah Program is commendable for its fully-integrated approach to not only give single mother aid, but to fulfill their needs. Of course this comes with a price—there program can only accept a limited capacity of women. But it's a promising approach!