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04.11.143:50 PM ET

Sandberg Tells Grads To Lean Further

Lean In's expanded version adds more advice and asks more of women than of companies to improve workplace equality.

Sheryl Sandberg once again is reminding women they must 'lean in.' This week the Facebook CFO published a new edition of her guide for women to climb up the corporate ladder, but this time marketed it specifically to graduates. Lean In For Graduates includes an additional six chapters, including more expert professional advice and personal tales of women who "leaned in." In a final "Letter to Graduates," she writes that we must have an awareness that women unequally face institutional bias. As an op-ed in The New Yorker states, much of Sandberg's Lean In puts the pressure of change on women, instead of perhaps pressuring institutions to shift their bias. Leaning in could be good for women, but it is also ultimately good for business.