Not Jane Doe

04.14.142:12 PM ET

What Happened to Christina Sankey?

Thirty-seven year old Christina Sankey was found dead between two cars. Nobody seems to be asking why.

Thirty-seven years old, severely autistic and with the mentality of a two-year old, Philadelphian Christina Sankey was last seen alive on March 6 in a department store with her state-paid caretaker. The next morning she was discovered five miles away: dead, half-naked, between two parked cars. Poor, vulnerable and without family resources, the curious death of this woman has not even registered on the public's radar. Neither the caretaker, her employment agency nor the agency that coordinated care has commented. The Philly Police said her death "does not appear suspicious," and the Medical Examiner's Office has not yet issued an official cause of death. There are unanswered questions: How did she get from the department store to the cars? (Her mother says she was nonverbal, incapable of walking that far or negotiating public transportation). How did her shirt get removed? (Her mother says she lacked the ability to remove it). Why was she taken to a crowded, unsecured location in the first place? And, disturbingly, is her mother right? "No one cares about my daughter,” said Patricia Sankey. “She was poor, she was disabled. She was not going to set the world on fire. But she was my world."