Cut and Paste

04.21.142:46 PM ET

When Perfect isn’t Good Enough

Not content with supermodels, lingerie company asks men and women to fabricate the “best of.”

So it seems that British lingerie company BlueBella decided to do a poll in which 500 men and women identified their favorite celebrity body parts. The company cobbled those features together to create the “perfect" man and woman.  According to Women's Health, this project “resulted in four very different (and slightly unnatural-looking) people.” Very different is a bit of a stretch, considering the results are two extremely idealized, extremely thin women (slightly more voluptuous in the male fantasy) and two equally idealized, extremely muscular men (slightly more buff in the female fantasy). The actual purpose of this exercise remains unclear. To make women feel better that men prefer large breasts on their models? To foster body insecurity among men? Women and men and girls and boys are already confronted day in and out withidealized, Photoshopped images of actual individuals. Is it really necessary to play Frankenstein?