05.15.143:15 PM ET

Ladies in the House

Democrats are betting that fed up women will Get Out the Vote via their new campaign, Reengaging Our Sisters in Elections.

Rosie (the Riveter), an iconic feminist image and symbol of women’s economic power, is now the acronym for the House Democrats' hopes of shrinking the GOP majority this fall. In addition to recruiting female candidates in competitive districts, the campaign committee created Reengaging Our Sisters in Elections (ROSIE), a voter modeling program that identifies unmarried women voters. It will then target messages about how the current Republican agenda negatively impacts women and use email, paid mail and social media to get single women out to vote in November. Why? Women overwhelmingly voted Democrat in 2012: CNN's exit polls showed unmarried women were about one quarter of the electorate and voted 68-31 percent Democrat over Republican in congressional contests. Turnout will of course be lower in a non-presidential year, but in 2013 Virginia Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe won unmarried women 67-25 percent Democrat over Republican. In 2010, women stayed home and Republicans took the majority. Dems are betting if they highlight Republicans’ blocking of issues that matter to women – like equal pay and increasing the minimum wage – this year, single ladies will put them in the house.