Not Again

06.13.146:04 PM ET

Fourth Woman Found Hanged in India

India comes under public scrutiny again for failing to protect women from sexual violence after a 19-year-old woman was found hanging dead from a tree. She is the fourth woman in two weeks.

International attention is focused again on India after a 19-year-old woman was found hanging dead on a tree in its most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. Her relatives alleged that this has occurred after she was raped and murdered by two men, however the preliminary post-mortem examination shows no external signs of rape. Critics have continued to pressure chief minister of the state, Akhilesh Yadav, some even calling for him to resign. However, he has resisted such pressure, stating that law enforcement “is fine in U.P. and better than in many other states.” This is the fourth such attack on women in the state in the past two weeks, recently including two teenage girls and a 45-year-old woman.