All the Single Ladies

07.03.1412:06 PM ET

To Hold Senate, Democrats Relying on Single Women

Democrats are hustling to woo a growing liberal voter bloc of unmarried women.

Half of all adult women over the age of 18 are unmarried, and single women now account for one in four people of voting age. With their Senate majority at stake, Democrats are pushing to win over these "Beyoncé voters," as one Fox News reporter called them. Although they have become Democrats' most reliable supporters, most of the women in this expanding bloc still don't vote. "Single women, Democrats say, will determine whether they keep Senate seats in states including Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan and North Carolina… and seize governorships in Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, among other states,” reports the New York Times. Democrats are scrambling to seduce these women into voting booths with letters, emails, and phone calls about Republicans' opposition to issues like pay equity, college-affordability legislation, and contraception rights. "A lot of these are single moms, they're young, and young people don't know when there's an election," said Nancy Pelosi. "It isn't any lack of civic-mindedness. They're just living their lives in a different way than, say, seniors are."