Girl On Fire

07.16.142:45 PM ET

FDNY Calendar Features First Woman

Bronx firefighter Danae Mines will heat up the 2015 FDNY calendar as the first woman ever featured in it, with a surprising picture.

Danae Mines knew she wanted to be a firefighter since she was 10 years old, and now she's one of only 41 female firefighters in the department. During her eleven years with the FDNY, she had another dream: to be in the famous annual FDNY Calendar of Heroes, which is known for displaying shirtless, herculean firemen and raising money for the FDNY Foundation. She was the only woman who auditioned for next year's calendar, along with over 100 men, and she broke ground by being one of 13 people who were selected. "They said if I made it in the calendar, I would look like a pinup girl," Mines said, who is now Miss March. Refusing to be told how to dress, she opted to wear a tactful gray FDNY tank top and an equipment belt instead. "I wanted my picture in the calendar so that young girls and young women can see me and know that they can do this job." Inspiring words from a woman who made history. No wonder she's the FDNY's face for Women's History Month.