07.16.141:10 PM ET

Instagram Removes Plus-Size Photos

A young woman charged that Instagram was discriminating against her size when they pulled her photos and deleted her account.

Shortly before Instagram deleted her photos, and then her account, a 19-year-old Ohio woman posted an image of herself in boy shorts and a bra. Samm Newman, who is plus-size, had been severely bullied about her weight but became involved in the body positivity movement online – featuring hashtags like #bodylove and #pizzasister4lyfe. Instagram said she violated their community guidelines, which warn against sharing photos that show nudity or mature content. But a double standard seems to have been at work: As Jezebel points out, there are numerous photos of young, thin women in bikinis,  bras and underwear on Instagram right now. After NBC aired the woman’s story, and her charge of size discrimination, Instagram apologized and reinstated her account. "Fat is not a bad word," Newman told NBC. "How confident can you be if you keep censoring yourself because people don't want to look at you?"