Picture It

07.21.141:31 PM ET

How Do You Imagine Equality?

Global Fund For Women’s new campaign asks women to picture an equal world.

Global Fund for Women has just launched a new campaign, “Imagining Equality,” which asked women around the world to share what they pictured when they imagined equality. With over 400 submissions, responses ranged from the broad ("Equality is about choosing love, instead of fear, and about actively seeking opportunities to counter injustice and prejudice") to the more specific (“Equality is about freedom of rights for disabled women in Tanzania.”). The campaign launched with stories about the body, the website noting “All too often, women are reduced to bodies, whether as sex objects, child-bearers, or workers. In this section, we imagine a world where all women have autonomy and agency over their bodies. From health, to ability, to body image, these stories give voice not only to suffering, but to strength, beauty, and power.” Site visitors are invited to submit their own vision here.