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Study: New Fathers Feel Like Super-Studs

Men experience boost in self-perceived attractiveness after their child is born.

Ever heard of postpartum glow? Not unless you’re referring to drool-stained shoulders and sweat beads from lack of sleep … or to the lucky new father. A recent report by the Journal of Gender Studies shows that new dads experience a boost in self-perceived attractiveness after their child is born—around the same time women feel their least attractive. This “hidden benefit” to being a daddy raises all kinds of questions about hormone surges, biological responses, and social perceptions of fatherhood and masculinity. Even though the study doesn’t draw any hard-and-fast conclusions as to why this sudden spike in studliness occurs, it does seem to boost the old tried-and-true wisdom that men with babies are chick magnets. Because nothing makes a self-conscious new mom feel better than seeing her man peacocking around in his prime sexiness.

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