TV Stars, Musicians Are Replacing Film’s Hold on Glossy Covers


Movie Stars Fade on Glossy Covers

Some of the bestselling magazines of 2012 had Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, and more non–movie stars.

Whither the glamorous movie star? It appears that the female film star may not have her same appeal to carry a magazine cover, with some of the bestselling glossy issues of 2012 belonging to the stars of the small screen, Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian, while musicians like Miley Cyrus (a former small-screen star herself) and Rihanna also fared very well. Glamour featured film stars on about half its 2012 covers, but they expect that number to shrink in 2013. There could be a number of reasons for this: one thing that separates reality-TV stars and small-screen stars in general is that they open up more about their struggles in weight, romance, and family, which readers relate to more than the perfect film star, while some younger film and music stars are more likely to promote their issues via social media. While Angelina Jolie recently had one of the bestselling People covers this year, she’s not exactly a typical example of a “regular” film star: she possesses an allure that is not present in other film actresses as a working mother (of six!)—not to mention that she is married to Brad Pitt, People’s Sexiest Man alive.

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