The new president and CEO of the Susan G. Komen breast-cancer foundation, Judith A. Salerno (left), with Nancy Brinker, who founded the organization and now will be chair of global strategy. (AP)


Komen Names New CEO

Judith A. Salerno replaces the breast-cancer charity’s founder, Nancy Brinker.

Will a new CEO for Komen give the charity a face-lift? Judith A. Salerno was named head of the breast-cancer foundation Susan G. Komen on Monday. She replaces founder Nancy Brinker, who announced her decision to step down last summer after Komen received much criticism for its decision to cease funding Planned Parenthood breast-cancer screenings (which was quickly reversed). However, tax documents revealed that Brinker remained on Komen’s payroll—with a hefty yearly salary of $684,000. Salerno, 61, is the executive director and chief operating officer of the Institute of Medicine, an advisory institution for the government and private sector. Educated at Harvard University, she was also deputy director of the National Institute on Aging.

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