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Female Journalist Stops Shaving

Was sick of only doing so because it was "expected" of her.

Paloma Goni hated hair removal—and as a woman with a ton of very dark hair, shaving became torture. So the Spanish journalist decided to just stop and let her hair grow at its natural rate. Before, she would usually put shaving on the backburner for winter, but shave weekly during the summer. She's been going au natural for a few months, but the summer heat is starting to make fuzzy legs and  thick, black armpits unbearable. Goni discusses how not shaving is still a taboo and a difficult subject to talk about at that. Her boyfriend even resisted taking photos of her so she could show off her body hair to the public. Goni ends with the question: To shave or not to shave? Read it and decide for yourself.

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