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Madeleine Albright: Putin ‘Delusional’

The former Secretary of State joins Tina Brown to talk about the crisis in Eastern Europe. Watch LIVE today at 6:25PM EST on The Daily Beast.

Madeleine K. Albright, who is speaking publicly this week about defusing the explosive situation in the Ukraine, will explore the issues in detail at a Women in the World event on Wednesday in Washington, D.C. While Vladimir Putin claims the recent military build-up in Crimea is intended to protect Russian interests in the region, the international community isn’t buying that. In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Albright said "Putin is delusional about this," adding, "I think that either he does not have the facts, he is being fed propaganda or his own propaganda." In another interview with Fareed Zakaria over the weekend, Albright urged the U.S. to stand up for Ukraine's sovereignty. "[We need] to make absolutely clear Europe's and America's support for the people of Ukraine, their possibility of having a functioning government, helping them with economic assistance." The former secretary of State, who has extensive experience with conflict resolution in southeastern Europe, forged during wars in Kosovo and Bosnia, will discuss the ongoing conflict with Tina Brown.

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