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Grandmother President

Congrats Mrs. Clinton. Now Pack Your Stuff.

Pundits are discussing the impact Hillary Clinton’s pending grandchild will have on a decision to run for President. They need to stop.

Oh for God’s sake. It is frankly astonishing that pundits seem to think there is some value to discussing how Hillary Clinton’s pending grandchild will or will not impact her decision to run for President. Clearly they need something new to talk about since they’ve already discussed her age generally, her hair repeatedly, her laugh, her cleavage and her clothing. What has she actually been doing for the past 12 years? Let's google that. Right: something vague and insignificant having to do with government and women’s empowerment. Can’t imagine how someone with her history would continue to balance family and career. She's clearly better off calling it quits. Someone find the woman a cookie recipe.

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