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    Boko Haram’s Sick Hatred of Girls

    The abduction of 200 female students from northern Nigeria was not the first attack on girls’ education by the al Qaeda-linked group—and it won’t be the last.

    The numbers were shocking: “Nigerian Unrest: Gunmen abduct ‘about 100 schoolgirls’” headlined the BBC after guerrillas believed to belong to the al Qaeda-allied group Boko Haram attacked a boarding school late Monday in the Nigerian state of Borno. But this is not the first time that these radical Islamist rebels have abducted girls en masse, and it almost certainly will not be the last.

    In mid-February, according to local press reports, about 400 members of the group, some of them wearing military uniforms and traveling in military-style trucks, attacked the town of Konduga, also in Borno state, near the borders of Cameroon, Chad and Niger. They murdered 51 people and carried away 20 young women.

  • Women walked down the street in Timbuktu, Mali last year. (AP)


    Timbuktu Women Singled Out

    Al Qaeda and its allies have fled, but stories are emerging of the occupiers’ brutal treatment of women.

    By David Blair

    The harsh reality inflicted on the people of Timbuktu by al Qaeda and its allies is betrayed by the ordeal of Azahara Abdou Maiga.