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    I SPY

    Dolphins Can See Your Fetus

    Using process similar to ultrasound.

    Experts report dolphins might be able to detect a developing fetus in a pregnant women using echolocation—a process where dolphins emit sounds to figure out their environment and hear the sounds that return. This echolocation works similarly to (guess what!)—an ultrasound. An Emory University neuroscientist said it's "extremely plausible" a dolphin can detect a fetus. Just the latest neat trick from our marine mammalian cousins, who display a host of other mind-boggling behaviors, from the ability to locate mines under the ocean floor to gang-rape and infanticide.

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    Just Like Mowgli

    Was This Woman Raised By Monkeys?

    In new memoir, Marina Chapman claims to have lived with primates for five years as a child.

    Is the 'Girl with No Name' telling the truth? In a quirky story in The Guardian, Marina Chapman claims she was raised by monkeys for five years in the Colombian jungle after being kidnapped and dumped in the wilderness as a young child. She says learned the primates' screeched warning codes and ate the fruit they dropped. By the time she came across other humans, her hair had grown down to her knees and, she says, she spoke in grunts.

    According to The Guardian, Chapman--who has written a book about her supposed life story--seems to retain remnants of her life in the jungle. Decades later, her arms are still strong and sinewy from climbing trees all day. Her gait is more of a "dance-walk." Apparently, she has certainly led an eventful life, even without the monkeys: she says that the humans who rescued her from the jungle tried to sell her to a brothel. She allegedly escaped, became a street kid, got enslaved as a domestic servent, then finally fell in love, was rescued, and moved to Yorkshire. As the newspaper points out: