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    Lisa Leslie Makes Her Mark

    WNBA player becomes 200th woman on Makers site.

    Every woman—top politicians, activists, your neighbors, the one you just passed on the street—has her own story to tell. Makers, which started in 2012, is a video platform that intends to become the largest collection of women’s stories ever assembled. On Women’s Equality Day last week, it marked a milestone: former WNBA player Lisa Leslie became the subject of its 200th video. In 1994 Leslie was named the No. 1 player in women’s college basketball, and in 2002 she was the first player to dunk in the WNBA. Leslie, a four-time Olympic goal medalist and co-owner of the Los Angeles Sparks, says she hopes her video series—along with the other women highlighted in Makers—inspires young women to always keep dreaming.

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    Summitt’s Climb to the Top

    A look at college basketball’s winningest coach.

    She can say a thousand words with just her eyes. Whether it is an icy-cold glare or a fiery flick, former University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt is famous for her stare-downs. As one former player says, “It rips through your soul.”

    But while Summitt is known for her toughness and no-nonsense approach to coaching, those closest to her know she has a deep love for her school, her players, her friends, and her son. The documentary Pat XO, part of ESPN’s Nine for IX series, explores her life, including her diagnosis with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and what really made her the winningest coach in NCAA basketball history. It airs July 9 at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

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    Brittney Griner on Her ‘Honest Life’

    Basketball star’s essay reveals she was—and still is—bullied.

    Brittney Griner says she has no hard feelings against NBA player Jason Collins for all the attention he’s gotten after the very public revelation that he is gay. In a personal essay, Griner recounts her coming-out experiences, both public and private. The top WNBA draft pick said that she came out to her mom during high school, and she was accepted with love and understanding. But she also revealed that she was mercilessly bullied from middle school through college. Peers called her a “dude,” pressed her to prove she was a woman, and jeered her with racial and homophobic slurs during games. Even though she’s received much praise and well-wishes since publicly coming out, she says she still deals with nasty comments on Twitter and Instagram.

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    Oh No They Didn’t

    Scandal at the Free-Throw Line

    Carmelo Anthony’s wife took to Twitter to trash-talk an opponent.

    After a heated Game 5 on Wednesday night between the Knicks and the Celtics, the stadium reached its boiling point. Celtic Jordan Crawford, feeling victorious though he had not played a single minute on the court, approached Knick Carmelo Anthony and allegedly said something unkind about Anthony’s wife, La La Vazquez. A brawl nearly ensued, though bystanders were able to pull the men apart. Vazquez’s response on Twitter: “Try again. You on the bench for a reason.” This came after a similar incident in January, when Celtic Kevin Garnett is said to have told Anthony, “Your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”