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    Made Up

    Beyoncé’s Beauty: The Undoctored Truth

    un-Photoshopped pictures of Beyoncé and Cindy Crawford emerge. Atypical models hit the New York Fashion Week runway. Why is fashion having a fit of honesty?

    The pictures of Beyoncé un-Photoshopped that mysteriously leaked online Wednesday don’t make her look bad—of course not—but they make her look different.

    It’s a moment of celebrity disconnect. She is still beautiful, she is still Beyoncé, but the weird thing is she’s not airbrushed Beyoncé. The pictures of Beyoncé—from a 2013 L’Oréal advertising campaign—show her made-up, but with, as the Daily Mail puts it, “uneven and pimply skin under heavily applied foundation.”

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    Beyoncé Is Our Indigo Girl

    The R&B diva’s ‘feminist’ proclamation at the VMAs recalls feminism’s all-important ’90s—a decade filled with strong, outspoken female musicians.

    In a heart-stopping moment during her 16-minute performance at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé made a bold political statement: Projecting a quote from Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie onto a gigantic, glowing screen while standing triumphantly in front of the word “feminist.” Bold, but it also felt right after a night of watching female performers dominate the telecast, often with anthems about power and liberation. Feminism is definitely having a moment in pop music.

    Of course, this isn’t really the first time that it’s happened. Twenty years ago, in fact, feminism was also having a big moment in pop music. Granted, no one was flashing the word “feminist” at the VMAs—leave it to Queen B to take it to the next level—but the ’90s, particularly the early to mid-’90s, was a banner time for women in music who wanted to be more than just objects for men to ogle, and to sing about something more than just wanting the pretty boys to like you. Back then, fans could be forgiven for thinking women’s power in the music world was just going to keep growing, but by the late ’90s and early 2000s, the moment had passed and music was deep into a backlash phase.

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    Did Bey Just Accuse Jay of Cheating?

    In the wake of ‘elevatorgate,’ rumors have been swirling that Hova may have stepped out on Queen Bey.

    We’ve just, perhaps, entered a State of Beygency.

    Ever since security footage emerged of Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyoncé, slapping the Jigga out of Jay Z in a tightly-packed elevator as the trio exited a MET Gala after-party back in May, conspiracy theorists have gone all True Detective on the bizarre scenario, concocting various explanations for why Solange did what she did, and why Queen B just stood idly by, barely batting an eyelash.

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    Bey's Lil Sis

    Who Is Solange?

    The talented singer and fashion icon is way more than just the crazy girl who attacked Jay Z in a hotel elevator. (Did you know she starred in a ‘Bring It On’ sequel?)

    Who is Solange?

    That was the question many (old) people asked when video surfaced Monday and promptly went viral of this woman named Solange dressed in a flapper dress/costume slapping the hell out of rapper Jay Z in an elevator after last month’s Met Gala, while his wife, Beyoncé, looked on somnambulantly in a corner.

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    So, Is Beyoncé Pregnant or Not?

    Rumors fly that Mrs. Carter is expecting second child.

    Are you sitting down? “Insiders” told the New York Post that Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z are pregnant with their second child. Apparently pictures from recent tour dates of what looks like a baby bump have emerged on blogs. Sounds legit. Suspicions swirled after the Met gala, where Bey, 31, wore a “Givenchy gown with a high, belted waist that carefully camouflaged her midsection.” Seriously, what more proof do you need? Plus, she recently told Good Morning America that she’d like more children so her daughter, Blue Ivy, can have some company. But even if Queen B was pregnant, do you think she’d tell all you commoners right away? Probably not. After all, she only revealed her last pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. So for now, you’ll just have to be content with her being the inspiration for amazing art-inspired Tumblrs.

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    Lighten Up!

    Republicans vs. JayBey

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z traveled to Cuba, and Republicans believe they violated travel restrictions to the country.

    “Yo, why won't you let me be great?”

    Kanye West fired off this highly quotable response to his haters a few years back, and now, the same can be said by Ye’s Watch the Throne partner-in-rhyme, Jay-Z.

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    Beyoncé Lip-Syncs Anthem

    Times of London says Marine Corps Band confirms.

    And you thought the inauguration was boring. Scandal is rocking Washington, as The Times of London reports that Beyoncé was lip-syncing “The Star Spangled Banner” at Monday’s historic event. The clues: apparent to some press seated below the podium, the Marine Corps Band wasn’t even playing during the song (despite the band director’s conducting); Beyoncé apparently removed her earpiece at one point; an Instagram photo was posted by the singer the day before in a recording studio, holding sheet music to the song. Also, the Marine Corps Band spokesperson confirmed suspicions and said that the singer chose to “rely on the studio version” shortly before her performance. This would be the first known case of a lip-synced performance of the anthem at an inauguration.

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