Exclusive: Abortion Doc Trailer

    'After Tiller,' a controversial award-winning documentary about the four doctors who openly perform third-trimester abortions despite death threats and the assassination of their mentor, is set to be released this fall, and The Daily Beast has been given a first look at the exclusive trailer.

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    Best Friends (For a While)

    Does Michelle O Need New Pals?

    The first lady has shown ‘B’ a lot of love. But, writes Allison Samuels, the star doesn’t make it easy.

    In a perfect world our first lady would be free to choose her own friends and to define the perfect role models for herself and children, with no one daring to challenge her choices. But it isn’t a perfect world for Michelle Obama, and so her choice of Beyoncé as a friend for herself and a role model for her daughters—and, thus, for young girls around the world--hasn’t been universally applauded.

    Unfortunately Beyoncé isn’t exactly helping matters. When Mrs. Carter belted out the classic  “At Last’’ for the first couple at an inaugural ball in 2008, it was clear a strong alliance was on the horizon. The first lady and the popular singing superstar soon formed an unlikely bond that continued to grow through work with the first lady’s fitness program “Let’s Move.’’ The press regularly noted the two trading adoring sentiments, with first lady even taking her daughters to see her friend perform on a few occasions.

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    In Justin’s Defense

    Give Bieber a Break

    Jewish leaders agree: Anne Frank might’ve been a Bieber fan. Should we calm down? Kevin Fallon reports.

    Over 24 hours have passed since Justin Bieber shuffled through the halls of Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House, leaving behind this insane message in the museum’s guest book: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

    Even with other things to distract us—drunk celebrities at the MTV Movie Awards, Tax Day, North Korea potentially blowing up the world—we’re still working through our feelings on the matter. Is Bieber an unbelievably pompous dickhead for desecrating the memory of a global icon by thinking that a girl like Anne Frank, a symbol of courage and grace in the face of unspeakable injustice, would enjoy singing along to “Somebody to Love” if she were still alive? Or did the young pop star mean well, even if he relayed his feelings a bit foolishly?

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    Out of the Shadows

    The Other First Ladies

    How pastors’ wives are redefining their roles—and changing Christianity. By Joshua DuBois.

    For years, the wives of male senior pastors of America’s churches—or “first ladies” in the parlance of many churches—found themselves in a very specific place on Sunday mornings, dressed in their worshipful best: the third pew on the left.

    Pews—the rows and benches in which church folks sit—have a certain hierarchy on Sundays, especially in the black churches where I grew up. There are rows for deacons and rows for senior citizens, pews for Sunday School teachers, and benches, towards the back, for giggly, whispering children.