• President Barack Obama watches as his Interior Secretary nominee, REI CEO Sally Jewell, center, gets a kiss from outgoing Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013. (Susan Walsh/AP)

    Tree Huggers, Rejoice!

    REI’s CEO to Interior

    Tree huggers should rejoice at Obama’s nomination of Sally Jewell for interior secretary. By Daniel Gross.

    For years, the “business community” has been complaining that President Obama has been reluctant to include chief executive officers in his inner circle. The Bush administration featured former CEOs of big companies at Defense (Donald Rumsfeld), Treasury (Paul O’Neill, John Snow, and Henry Paulson), Commerce (Carlos Gutierrez of Kellogg) and Energy (Samuel Bodman).

    Now, more than four years into his presidency, Obama has finally appointed a chief executive officer of a national name-brand company with experience in the oil business to a cabinet post. Sally Jewell of the outdoor retailer REI has been nominated to be the next secretary of the interior.