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    Lesbian Comedy Coming to NBC

    From Ellen DeGeneres.

    It's sort of Will and Grace, but with lesbians and a baby. Ellen DeGeneres and NBC are working on a comedy about a lesbian who is impregnated by her straight male BFF just before he falls in love and marries someone else. Liz Feldman, of 2 Broke Girls fame, is writing the script and executive producing. The yet-to-be-titled sitcom adds a point to the LBGT column. Gay-friendly shows have been cancelled by the network recently, among them: The New Normal, Smash, and Go On.

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    Stars Sound Off on Talia’s Death

    The 13-year-old cancer victim and YouTube makeup queen was inspiring to celebs.

    Celebrities and normal folks alike took to social media to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Talia Joy Castellano, a 13-year-old who succumbed to cancer Tuesday. The teen’s death lead to a slew of pictures, quotes, and other forms of dedication to her and her work as a YouTube makeup sensation. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Sofía Vergara (both of whom are faces of CoverGirl, as Castellano was) called her “inspiring” and “beautiful.” DeGeneres, who had Castellano on her show earlier this year, said, “This year I met a very special girl, and today we lost her. Sending my heart to Talia’s family. I’m so sad.” Makeup artists such as Michelle Phan and Kandee Johnson, who inspired Castellano’s work, also gave condolences.


    CoverGirl, 13, Dies of Cancer

    Talia Castellano gained YouTube fame with her makeup tutorials.

    Sadly, the 13-year-old honorary face of CoverGirl, Talia Castellano, whose makeup tutorials on YouTube were wildly successful, died Tuesday after battling cancer for six years. In 2012 she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she was given her CoverGirl title. That same year, she discovered that the cancer had spread to her bone marrow. Because her story went viral from Ellen, she was able to interview celebrities at last year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival. Castellano’s bubbly personality lives on through her videos, which garnered her more than 750,000 followers on YouTube. “I feel proud that I have accomplished so much on YouTube, have so many people watching and now taking seriously how childhood cancer don’t have enough funding,” Castellano told Today.com in August.

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    Little Lost Fish

    Finding Nemo? Finding Dory!

    Ellen DeGeneres to star in Pixar sequel out in 2015.

    Everyone's favorite animated clownfish and his flightly blue friend are back! Ellen Degeneres--who voiced the cheerful regal blue tang fish who helped Nemo's father find his wayward son in Pixar's hit animated film "Finding Nemo"--dished on news of a sequel in the works for 2015. "The script is fantastic," she said. "It has everything I loved about the first one: a lot of heart, it's really funny, and the best part is it's got a lot more Dory."

    Indeed, while details of the new flick are scarce, the title--"Finding Dory"--indicates that Degeneres's merry, scatterbrained character with a short-term memory problem will take front-and-center.(The original voice for Nemo, Alexander Gould, is "devastated" that his vocals are now too low to play the role.) Here's hoping the little turtle Squirt and the vegetarian sharks make a cameo.

  • April Fools’ Day!

    Ellen’s Best Pranks

    Just in time for April Fools’ Day, see the prank queen’s most memorable jokes on Taylor Swift and more.

    Hollywood Tour Bus

    When tourists in Los Angeles sign up for a Hollywood tour, they expect to see celebrity homes, landmarks, famous restaurants, hotels, and other notable locations. When Ellen DeGeneres takes over the bus, however, the innocent travelers get more than they bargained for.