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    Sex-Ed Wars

    America’s Prophet of Abstinence

    Pam Stenzel is paid to tell high-schoolers that birth control can lead to sterility or death—and she’s making a killing off of it. Michelle Goldberg reports.

    It’s always nice when Pam Stenzel is in the news, because no one does more to highlight the insane state of American sex education. If you’ve been following the story of her latest exploits, you know that the abstinence educator spoke last week at George Washington High School in Charleston, West Virginia, where she reportedly told students, “If you take birth control, your mother probably hates you,” and “I could look at any one of you in the eyes right now and tell if you’re going to be promiscuous.”

    After student-body president Katelyn Campbell spoke out against Stenzel, the school’s principal, George Aulenbacher, allegedly threatened to denounce the high school senior to Wellesley College, which she plans to attend in September. Campbell ended up going to court seeking an injunction against Aulenbacher, though Wellesley made it clear that his threat is moot, tweeting, “Katelyn Campbell, #Wellesley is excited to welcome you this fall.” Meanwhile, Aulenbacher has been the subject of death threats, and his supporters mobilized to stand up for him at a Thursday-evening school-board meeting.