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    Free Pass for Killing a Pregnant Woman

    Katherine Hoover was five months pregnant when a man shot and killed her—and now a Florida prosecutor is refusing to press charges.

    Katherine Hoover, five months pregnant with a boy she already knew as Rehlin, was eating McDonald’s at the DeHayes family kitchen table in Brooksville, Florida, as 35-year-old William DeHayes—an old friend of her new husband, Carson—showed off his collection of guns. First, he unstrapped the 9mm from his leg, then got out an old shotgun from the bedroom.

    Moving on, DeHayes used a Western-style draw (“kinda like a cowboy would,” he later explained to police) to unholster an antique revolver that had belonged to his grandfather. DeHayes had been practicing gun slinging tricks he learned on YouTube—a hobby he picked up to give himself purpose after getting on permanent disability for back pain. “Something I can be proud of,” DeHayes said to investigators.

  • James Edward Lee, right, and his wife Rosa, parents of Remee Lee, speak on behalf of their daughter who filed a civil action lawsuit against her boyfriend John Andrew Welden. Welden has been charged with secretly giving Remee drugs to cause an abortion. (Chris O'Meara/AP)


    Woman Tricked Into Abortion

    Boyfriend pleads guilty of giving her pill.

    A woman wanted to keep her baby. Her boyfriend did not. So he found a way to induce an abortion, he told a Florida court. James Andrew Welden forged his ob-gyn father’s signature on a prescription of misoprostol, an anti-ulcer pill that can cause birth defects or miscarriages. After his girlfriend, Remee Lee, visited Welden’s father for a check-up, Welden told her she had an infection and had gotten her antibiotics. After Lee took them and experienced a miscarriage, she suspected the pills. Prosecutors are pushing for a murder charge, but Welden has agreed to spend 14 years in jail on wire fraud and tampering charges in exchange for that charge to be dropped.

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    Prosecuted for Standing Her Ground

    The Florida state attorney’s prosecution of a battered woman who was trying to defend herself is grossly unjust, writes Kirsten Powers.

    Angela Corey is angry. The Florida state attorney lashed out Tuesday at supporters of Marissa Alexander, who has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for defending herself against her violent and abusive husband. Corey is the one who put her away.

    “I think social media is going to be the destruction of this country,” Corey complained to The Washington Post of the online agitation to free the 32-year-old African-American mother of three.