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    Seeing Double

    Is Gisele the New Gwyneth?

    The supermodel pulled a Gwyneth on Wednesday, talking homemade snacks and backyard chickens. And it wasn’t her first time. So why do we love her but disapprove of all things GOOP?

    Gwyneth Paltrow wants to tell you how to live your life. She preaches eating clean and has claimed she’d “rather die than eat cheese from a tin.” She infamously replaced the word “divorce” with her self-proclaimed term “conscious uncoupling.” She’s also an Academy Award-winning actress. But with her GOOP-y, “I’m better than you” attitude, which has made her one of the most hated—or at least irritating—women in Hollywood, it’s certainly hard to remember that.

    Despite her reigning status on the “Perfect Life” list, Paltrow isn’t the only more-wholesome-than-thou celebrity. On Wednesday, Gisele Bündchen channeled her inner Gwyneth, talking homemade fruit leather and raising chickens in the backyard of her California home with Food and Wine magazine. “Benjamin and I make his school snack together—fruit leather in our dehydrator,” the world’s highest paid supermodel said. “You can use any fruit, but I always use banana as the base because it has great texture and sweetness. My son is so proud; he goes to school and tells all his friends he made his own snack.” 

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    Gwyneth Paltrow: Modeling Is 'Perfect Job'

    For when you have kids, Goop goddess says.

    Gwyneth, why do you keep making us hate you? In an interview with WWD following her launch as the new face of Hugo Boss’s new scent, Jour Pour Femme, Gwyneth Paltrow gushed about why being a model is a perfect job for a mom. The mother of two explained that with only being able to do one film a year, modeling gives her the opportunity to still travel and make work connections, but over the course of a few days rather than a few months. When she’s not doing two-hour workouts, responding to emails and toiling away at her e-commerce website Goop, Gwen gets to escort her kids to and from school, fix them breakfast, help them with homework, and take them to their various extracurriculars. Who better to show us how to be a domestic goddess than who People crowned “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”

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    Dead Horse

    Wait…We Still Hate Gwyneth?

    It’s been a decade since that fake Madonna accent and naming of Apple. Enough already, says Kevin Fallon.

    Gwyneth Paltrow has a movie coming out this weekend, the sure-to-be blockbuster Iron Man 3. Naturally, that means it’s time for the media to obsess over how much they hate her.

    There’s a veritable encyclopedia of quotes those who are annoyed by her can cite to prove what they perceive as her unconscionable lack of self-awareness and apparently unstomachable pretentiousness. Perhaps, as Star magazine quoted when naming the Oscar winner the year’s Most Hated Celebrity, it’s when she said, “I’m really fucking good at my job. People who are interesting and good know that, and that’s all that matters,” that irks these malcontents the most. Maybe it was when she proudly asserted, “I am who I am; I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year,” or “I would rather die than let my kid eat Cup-a-Soup,” that this exceptionally passionate faction of people decided that they just can’t with Gwyneth anymore.

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    Misplaced Outrage

    Why Can’t Little Girls Wear Bikinis?

    Gwyneth Paltrow is selling bikinis for girls ages 4 to 8 on her website—which has caused controversy. Jessica Grose on why the fear of ‘sexualizing’ kids is actually harmful.

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s goofily named e-commerce website and blog, Goop, recently featured bikinis for girls 4 to 8 years old. Paltrow collaborated with designer Melissa Odabash to design a mini-version of Odabash’s adult swimwear. It’s a simple navy two-piece with ruffles on the top and bottom. The British charity Kidscape, whose mission is to prevent bullying and child sexual abuse, took one look at the dour blonde child model donning the Odabash bikini on Goop and cried outrage.

    “We remain very opposed to the sexualisation of children and of childhood,” says Kidscape red Claude Knight. “The dangers have been discussed at length, so it is a great pity that such trends continue and that they carry celebrity endorsement.” This isn’t the first time Kidscape has criticized a celebrity mom for her pro-bikini stance: They dissed Jessica Simpson back in September for putting her baby girl, Maxwell, in a yellow two-piece and showing pictures of the 4-month-old on Katie Couric’s show. And they’re not the only ones to take umbrage with little girls in bikinis. A commenter on Jezebel sums up the upset: “I think it's the child bikinis that really over-sexualize by echoing adult designs to an extended degree that weird me out. Bikini top and ruffled bottom, okay. Bikini top with plunging neckline and ruffles to emphasize the boobs she doesn't have? Eeeeeeeh.”

  • Just one week after Star magazine called her most hated.

    What a week for Gwyneth Paltrow. People magazine named her the world’s most beautiful woman Wednesday—just one week after Star magazine put her at the top of the most-hated-celebrity list. Paltrow graces the cover of the People’s “Most Beautiful” issue, telling the magazine that her workout routine makes her “feel younger and feel strong.” Paltrow says she still eats whatever she wants for dinner, “because I want to enjoy my life, and I love pasta.” Others included in the issue were Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé, Adele, and Kristen Stewart.

    The gushing profile—standard for People’s “Most Beautiful” issue—is a stark contrast to last week’s coverage of Paltrow, which focused on how she was the “most hated” celebrity. Always the bridesmaid, Kristen Stewart came in a close second to Paltrow.

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    Hathaway Not Most Hated Celeb

    Gwyneth, sadly, has taken her place.

    Annie suffered enough. The Anne Hathaway haters club is now officially a disparate group, with poor Gwyneth Paltrow taking over the dubious title of  “most hated celebrity in Hollywood”—at least according to Star magazine. Whether it’s her zealous veganism or the bad-mother rumors that have been swirling ever since she put her whole family on the “elimination diet,” Gwynnie now tops Star’s “most hated” list for being “arrogant” and “pretentious.” Paltrow landed ahead of 20 other celebrities, including Kristen Stewart, Hathaway, and even Chris Brown—because apparently being “goopy” is more loathsome than being an abusive, misogynistic jerk.