• Armando Franca/AP

    Red Light

    Strippers: Don’t Card Me

    Exotic dancers tell Rachel Krantz that a new bill requiring them to get certified won’t protect them at all.

    In Texas, you don’t need a special permit to purchase an assault weapon. But soon, you may need one to take your clothes off.

    State Rep. Bill Zedler, a Republican, has proposed a new bill that he says would help protect exotic dancers from sex trafficking. HB 337 would require strippers across the state to obtain—and “conspicuously display” while dancing—special licenses that reveal their real names. “They could wear it around the neck…or on their shoes…or attached to a head band,” Zelder helpfully suggested. In order to obtain the certification, dancers would have to prove they are over 18, get fingerprinted, pay an unspecified fee, and complete a course on human trafficking.