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    Love and LOLs

    Women find naturally funny men more attractive.

    Science explains women like to date men who can make them laugh—and women are genetically wired to find a sense of humor attractive. Women’s brains, according to a study, show greater activity when they are responding to humorous situations. A woman, according to The Daily Mail, will use a man’s ability to make them laugh, which has also been created through evolution, as a way to see how suitable of a partner or father he would be. The study included the brains of young girls and boys and had them watch funny videos and later used MRI scans to see how the brain reacted. And finally—we now have an answer to why women find Will Ferrell attractive. Science!

  • "You Should Date a Cougar....10 Reasons Why" from (Emily Hart)


    Date a Cougar

    Why men should go for someone older and wiser.

    British Internet sensation Emily Hartridge has come out with a cheeky video listing 10 reasons why you should date a cougar. At age 28, she’s not yet over-the-hill herself, but explains she did once date someone two years her junior. So why should guys go out with older women? “Cougars are wise,” she explains. “They’ve been there, they’ve done that, they’ve got the T-shirt.” They’re less likely to be vulnerable and clingy, she says, and more likely to take charge. Above all: “Well a cougar won’t drag you to go and see Twilight.”