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    Say What?

    The Fringe Factor

    Our weekly roundup of far-out statements from our fearless political leaders. By Caitlin Dickson.

    State officials love throwing around the term “terrorism,” while others are extremely distraught about immigration reform. Never a dull moment on the fringe of American politics.

    Texas: Wendy Davis Is a Terrorist

  • A newly-arrived refugee from Bhutan sits in her new home in Tucson, Arizona. (John Moore/Getty)

    Immigration Reform

    How The U.S. Asylum Cutoff Hurts Women

    Immigrants fleeing gender-based violence are disproportionately affected by the one-year deadline for applying for asylum.

    A few years ago a teenage girl was kidnapped from her home in the Balkans, then battered and raped. Her assailants intended to traffic her into prostitution, but she managed to escape. She fled to the United States, where, 13 months later, she applied for asylum. In support of her application, she submitted a psychological evaluation diagnosing her with Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder. To explain her delay in seeking asylum, a psychologist testified about the difficulties that inhibited her from talking about her abuse.

    But the immigration judge denied her asylum because she’d missed the one-year-filing deadline. By one month.

  • Campbell Brown, right, interviews actor Eva Longoria. (Marc Bryan-Brown)


    The Latina Revolution

    ‘The tide is changing,’ actress Eva Longoria told the Women in the World summit.

    Sorry, Joe Biden.

    On Friday morning, former Desperate Housewives star and Barack Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria announced that there’s only one presidential candidate for whom she’d be willing to volunteer in 2016: Hillary Clinton.