Social Media and the Sexes

    The gap between female, male users is eight percent.

    Ladies love the “like” button. From 2008 to 2013, Pew Research Center studies found that 8 percent more women than men use major social-media sites. And nearly three quarters of all women online use social-networking sites. The most popular sites for women are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. The biggest gap is on Pinterest, which grabs 25 percent of female Internet users compared with only 5 percent of men. But on Reddit, there are double the amount of men than women. Today, 72 percent of online adults go on social-media sites; that number was about 30 percent only five years ago.

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    Because of nude photos.

    The Internet has rallied over mom phenom Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom (not pictured above), after a photo of her in mid-pose in a handstand with her baby latched onto her breast went viral. But now, her colorful Instagram account apparently has been suspended after some viewers reported violations to Instagram. Fans have started a page for her with the hashtag #SaveDaughterOfTheSun, posting photos of themselves breastfeeding in solidarity. Instagram officially allows breastfeeding photos, Baby Center found.

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    Say Cheese

    Don’t Instagram That

    There are certain photos we just don’t want to see.

    How much do you love seeing your second cousin’s swollen, bleeding eye? Would you like it more with a “vintage” filter? Probably not, says Becca Rose. In fact, “injuries” tops her list of most obnoxious Instagram offenses. The other seven include: nudity (no one wants to witness Amanda Bynes’s train-wreck life unfold in virtually no clothing), toilets, selfies (Amanda, looking at you again ... except that we don't want to be), kissing (if only Drake would come find her—NOT), Kelvin filter, insects, and food (none of which Amanda has time for. She’s a very busy lady). Save that stuff for MySpace.



    Instagram Your Way to a Job

    How to use social media to boost your career.

    Goodbye, résumés; hello, hashtags. Her Campus has come out with a guide to building your professional network on Instagram in hopes of landing that coveted job or internship. The top tips: follow people in your industry and comment on their photos, in hopes that they’ll follow you back and pay attention to you. Tag companies you admire when appropriate (but don’t go over-the-top!). Use up to three hashtags lauding your skills and interests. Most specific to Instagram, if you’re in a creative industry, photograph your craft: artwork, fashion, and design are all fair game. But culinary types should keep in mind that we’re all a little sick of those middinner pictures of risotto.