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    Japan’s P.M. Promotes ‘Womenomics’

    “We must bridge this equality gap.”

    Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is praising “womenomics” as a policy for economic growth. He cites “womenomics”—the concept that if a nation taps into women’s economic potential, its economy will grow—as a prominent aspect of Japan’s anti-deflation, growth-promotion policies. “We must bridge this equality gap,” he stated, referring to the statistic that Japanese women earn, on average, 30.2 percent less than men. From increasing female employment to extending day care and nursing services, he hopes womenomics will further propel Japan’s economic growth and curb its declining birthrate. He promises to spend more than $3 billion in the next three years to further empowering women. When Abe addresses the United Nations on Tuesday, he will submit womenomics proposals for Japan, Africa, and beyond. 

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    Japan To Get Ambassador Kennedy?

    Obama asks Caroline Kennedy to be its top diplomat in Tokyo, according to reports.

    Caroline Kennedy—JFK’s only surviving child and a top backer of Obama during both of his presidential campaigns—is reportedly being offered the ambassadorship to Japan. Kennedy has been legendarily private and has avoided running for public office in the past for “personal reasons,” as she noted when Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat in New York became available in 2009.

    However, a Democrat familiar with the discussions told CNN that the Obama administration has asked Kennedy to serve as ambassador and that she is currently being vetted for the gig. Kennedy was co-chair of Obama’s vice presidential search committee in 2008.

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