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    I Was a Victim of the Fappening

    Actress Teresa Palmer opens up about the widespread hacking of female celebrities and how the targeted women held a summit where they aired their grievances.

    It began August 31 of last year. That day, around 500 revealing photos of celebrity women, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Scarlett Johansson, were posted to the online message board 4chan and spread like wildfire on sites Imgur and Reddit. Subsequent cache dumps targeted the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and supermodel Cara Delevingne.

    Apple soon revealed that the stolen images were obtained via a series of brute force attacks (“a very targeted attack on user names, passwords, and security questions”) executed against Apple’s iCloud online storage system. In layman’s terms, because Apple’s iCloud service didn’t require two-step password authentication, hackers could take an unlimited number of stabs at celebs’ passwords and security questions.

    The unprecedented leak, dubbed “The Fappening,” raised questions about the gaping holes in Apple’s iCloud security, the invasion of celebrities’ privacy, and the misogyny prevalent in online culture—since nearly all the victims in this charade were women.

    As its most famous target, Jennifer Lawrence was branded the de facto mouthpiece for the wronged women, and lashed out against the hackers, labeling the breach “a sex crime.” I’ve interviewed several other A-list actresses in the wake of The Fappening who had their private photos stolen, but they’ve remained mum on the subject—either afraid of lending it any more ink, or perhaps fearing reprisals from the hackers, who still remain at large.

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    J. Law Paid Less Than Male Co-Stars

    Email correspondences from the Sony hack reveal that Jennifer Lawrence was compensated less than her male co-stars, compounding the studio’s gender pay gap problems.

    One of the most prominent A-list presences in the emails ripped from Sony’s servers by the hacking collective Guardians of Peace is none other than Jennifer Lawrence (who is, sadly, no stranger to hacking herself).

    Lawrence and her fabulous email handle (peanutbutt) make several cameos in the leak, including numerous pleasant exchanges with Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, over her dazzling turn in American Hustle, which was co-financed by Sony arm Columbia Pictures. There’s also an interesting email exchange between Pascal and Brian Helgeland, screenwriter of the planned Cleopatra biopic, with Pascal suggesting that Helgeland dump Angelina Jolie in favor of Lawrence—an idea Helgeland says he’s given some thought to.

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    In The Flesh

    Women, It’s Time to Reclaim Our Breasts

    Women, so long the focus of male sexual objectification, are keen to recast the standards, significance, and sexist humor about their chests.

    Women have long been told to cover up their sexy parts, as the world ogles them, sometimes to aggressive extremes. When there is a personal violation as egregious and disturbing as the recent one against Jennifer Lawrence and several other female celebrities, it can be nearly impossible to find levity.

    But there is a growing trend of women reclaiming control of their bodies from society’s double-edged sword of shunning and sexualizing, especially when it comes to their breasts.

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    Cyber Love

    Most-Wanted Celebrity E-Dates

    Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Seacrest top the list—but the No. 2 picks are surprising.

    Imagine logging in to your dating website of choice, only to find a message waiting for you from Ryan Gosling or Mila Kunis.

    A new survey by Match.com (which is owned by The Daily Beast's parent company, IAC) asked 1,000 singles, who they would most like to see join the dating website. Alas, they did not pick Martha Stewart, who recently signed up for the e-dating service. Nor did they choose Diane Keaton, who said on Ellen last month that she'd like to get married. No, it was this year's golden girl, Jennifer Lawrence who topped the list with 34.17 percent of votes. The most desired man: Ryan Seacrest, with 28.16 percent.

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    Just as 'Hunger Games' star is accepting award.

    Well, maybe this will endear her to Oscar voters. When Jennifer Lawrence walked up to the stage to collect the Screen Actors’ Guild Award for Best Female Actor in a leading role on Sunday night, her dress ripped apart. The bottom of Lawrence’s Dior gown caught under a chair and then ripped just where the skirt meets the underskirt with sheer lining. Lawrence was able to pull up the skirt to cover the damage, but then further revealed her thighs as she tried to walk up to the stage. Lawrence, who is suffering from walking pneumonia, took it in stride, delivering a charming speech in which she thanked her peers for giving her this “naked statue.”

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