• Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrate their 5th anniversary at Disneyland. (via twitter)


    The Disney Princess Wedding Craze

    A growing number of adult women are making like Mariah Carey and decking out their nuptials in full Disneyland princess style. Jessica Grose dissects the new trend.

    On April 30, Mariah Carey celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary to actor Nick Cannon with her yearly renewal of vows. This time around, the ceremony took place at Disneyland, with Mimi dressed up like Cinderella and Nick clad in Prince Charming’s finest duds. The pair arrived at the fete in a horse-drawn carriage. The ceremony had the theme “Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?” and it reportedly involved 15,000 flowers and 10,000 crystals. They shut down the entire park for the occasion.

    Carey is 43 years old. She’s a mother of twins. And yet, one of her fantasy wedding celebrations is explicitly based on fairy tales. This is par for the course for Carey. She is famously a Hello Kitty addict whose spacious apartment is decorated in shades of Pepto-Bismol. But she’s far from the only bride in America to embrace the Disney Princess trappings. You, too, plebian bride-to-be, can have a similar Disney World ceremony in a Disney Princess–inspired wedding gown with a backdrop of the Cinderella Castle (if you’re willing to get married at 8 a.m., you can get the venue for a mere baseline cost of $10,000, not counting food and drink expenditures!).