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    ‘Motorcycle Abortion Bill’ Passes

    N.C. gov vows to sign new restrictions.

    North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory seems to be reneging on his campaign promise last year not to enact any new abortion legislation. McCrory said Friday that he intends to sign a series of new abortion restrictions that were tacked onto a motorcycle safety bill, which lawmakers passed late Thursday. The new law, which doesn’t cover health insurance for employees, stipulates that abortion clinics have facility standards like surgical centers. But only one out of 16 abortion clinics in the state currently meet those standards.

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    Protests Turn Pink

    Abortion-bill demonstrators don the color for “Moral Monday.”

    The North Carolina Senate recently adopted a bill that would close all but one abortion clinic in the state—and a crowd in Raleigh reacting by wearing pink. Demonstrators, about 2,000 as estimated by police and 4,000 according to organizers, have gathered around the North Carolina legislative building for 10 Mondays now to support “Moral Mondays.” They are aiming to protest what they say is “an assault on women’s rights and access to health care,” according to The News & Observer. They have also dedicated next week to focus on women, complete with speakers who will talk about policy impact on North Carolina.

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    WTF N.C.?

    Abortion Restrictions Added to Anti-Sharia Bill

    Last-minute move tacked on without public notice.

    In a surprise move on Tuesday night, North Carolina’s Senate added anti-abortion provisions to a proposed anti-Sharia law, creating what may be the ultimate right-wing omnibus bill. In addition to ensuring that foreign law won’t be used in American courts, the newly named “Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act of 2013” includes a series of regulations that would restrict the use of medical abortion—about half the abortions in the North Carolina—and force many surgical abortion clinics to shut down. Anti-abortion lobbyists apparently knew about the bill in advance and were thus at the committee meeting when it passed, but pro-choice groups weren’t told it was being debated. As the News-Observer points out, the bill puts Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in a difficult spot, because during his campaign, he said he wouldn’t sign laws to further limit abortion access in the state.