• Alysia Reiner plays "Natalie Figueroa" or “Fig” in a scene from Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.” (Jessica Miglio/Netflix)

    Alysia Reiner has nailed the prison administrator from hell thing on Netflix’s hit show ‘Orange is the New Black,’ and she chats about what it’s like for her character to be the only woman in a boy’s club. and how she prepared to be the ‘bad girl.’

    In case you haven’t heard, Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black has become the must-watch show of the summer, praised for its strong female characters and particularly its female lead, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling). From a likable lesbian drug dealer to a sassy, fried-chicken-loving inmate named “Taystee,” writer Jenji Kohan—who made it big with Showtime’s Weeds—has created an all-star cast of unforgettable personalities based on the memoir by real inmate Piper Kerman.

    Actress Alysia Reiner, a Gainesville, Florida, native, plays the queen of manipulation on the show—Natalie Figueroa, or “Fig.” As prison administrator and assistant to the warden, she makes the men (and women) around her quiver. In real life, Reiner—who is married to David Alan Basche, an actor who has appeared in War of the Worlds and United 93—is a fan-girl favorite. She spoke with The Daily Beast about how her OITNB character doesn’t fit the usual gender roles, how she adjusted to the “bad girl” part, and the show’s portrayal of men.