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    Border Bigots Are Beating Obama

    Yes, Rick Perry is awful for not shaking his hand, but the president needs a Pope Francis-like moment with the border kids to signal America is more than racists.

    Let’s get Rick Perry’s jackass-ery out of the way quickly: Refusing to shake hands in public with the president of the United States is just an idiot thing to do. Perry is trying to claim the faux moral high ground here by arguing that he held out for a more substantive meeting and got it, but come on. It’s not as if that meeting wouldn’t have happened if the governor had shown up on the runway. What exactly does Obama get out of a public handshake with a hard-right, not that bright, confusingly optometrized Texas Republican?

    This might be a paragraph you can wave in my face on January 21, 2017, and God knows I’ve written a number of them, but: Rick Perry ain’t never gonna be president. We’ve been watching him on the national stage for a while now. Forget the third thing he forgot. The problem is that his instincts are wrong, his timing is bad, his hand is heavy. Accusing the White House of orchestrating a “coordinated effort” to help the movement of tens of thousands of children? That’s just Tea Party nonsense. He’s a guitarist who never knows what notes not to play. Now, guitarists like that have fans, sometimes millions of them. But they don’t ascend the plinth of greatness. He just has “governor but nothing more” written on his face.

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    Anita Perry: Abortion ‘Woman’s Right’

    First lady of Texas also says “two sides to every nickel.”

    So this must make for some interesting conversations around the Texas governor’s mansion. Anita Perry, the wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, said Saturday that abortion “could be a woman’s right, just like it’s a man’s right if he wants to have some kind of procedure.” Further, Perry said, while she doesn’t personally agree with abortion, “the older I get, the more I see there are two sides to every nickel.” Perry’s comments come as abortion lands front and center in the 2014 governor’s race: likely to enter the race next week is Wendy Davis, a state senator who made national headlines earlier this year when she filibustered an bill supported by Rick Perry that would close nearly all the abortion clinics in the state.

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    Macy’s Pushed Perry to Veto Equal Pay

    New revelations show retailer, grocery stores lobbied against it.

    Texans found out in June that if they want to sue for wage discrimination, they won’t be allowed to go through state court, thanks to a veto from Gov. Rick Perry. Apparently, he was pressured to veto H.B. 950, which mirrors the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, after receiving letters from the Texas Retailers Association, Macy’s, and five grocery stores, including Kroeger Food Stores. President and CEO of the Texas Retailers Ronnie Volkening said the bill was “unnecessary,” but advocates say the process is easier and less costly than having to go through federal court. Democratic Rep. Senfronia Thompson, who authored the bill, said she was caught completely off-guard by the opposing businesses—and that she is never shopping at Kroeger’s again. Still eyeing that presidential bid, Perry? This might not bode so well with half of your constituents.

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    Quotes Roundup: Huggers and Haters

    This week, everyone seemed to be on the defensive.

    Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis expressed some serious wrath toward Gov. Rick Perry, who signed the Texas abortion restrictions on Thursday. The bill, which goes into effect in October, bans abortions after 20 weeks, based on the disputed claim that fetuses can feel pain, and requires abortions to be done at surgical centers. Only five abortion clinics meet the new requirements. In a released statement, Davis said, “Governor Perry and other state leaders have now taken sides and chosen narrow partisan special interests over mothers, daughters, sisters and every Texan who puts the health of their family, the well-being of their neighbors, and the future of Texas ahead of politics and personal ambitions.”

    In San Diego, which Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy taught us is the classiest of all cities, Mayor Bob Filner was accused of sexual harassment. Filner vehemently denied the claims to San Diego television station KUSI. He refused to resign from office despite calls for him to step down. One woman, a volunteer for Filner’s campaign, alleges that he jammed “his tongue down her throat” and later put “his hand on the inside of her bra.” Even the mayor’s ex-fiancée accuses him of sending women sexually explicit text messages. The mayor has since apologized, but will still headline an event for sexual-assault victims.

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    Perry Signs Abortion Bill

    Could shut down most clinics in the state.

    It's official. Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed in new abortion restrictions on Thursday that may close most of the abortion clinics in the state. More than 100 Republicans attended the ceremony while protesters stood outside holding a sign that read “Shame.” The state Capitol has seen weeks of protest of the law, which bans abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. Only five of Texas’s 42 clinics meet the new requirements, one of which restricts abortions to surgical centers. Clinics will have a year to upgrade or shut down their facilities. The law, which takes effect in October, passed despite an epic filibuster from state Sen. Wendy Davis. In a release from her office, Davis said, “When Governor Perry signed the bill, he signaled a clear break with Texas families. Governor Perry and other state leaders have now taken sides and chosen narrow partisan special interests over mothers, daughters, sisters and every Texan who puts the health of their family, the well-being of their neighbors, and the future of Texas ahead of politics and personal ambitions.”

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    Quotes Roundup: Spotlight on Abortion

    Some of the best quotes in this whirlwind week come from the Lone Star State.

    If you’ve been living under a rock this week, let’s get you up to speed. Texas tried to pass bill SB5, which would have banned abortion after 20 weeks and forced a shutdown of nearly all abortion clinics in the state. But state senator and meme-of-the-moment Wendy Davis, donning pink running shoes, filibustered the bill for more than 11 hours—and wasn’t allowed to eat, speak off-topic, or even use the bathroom. As the clock neared midnight, cheering crowds successfully stopped a vote from making the deadline. Afterward, she made the quote above to reporters at about 3:20 a.m.

    Not to rain on everyone’s parade, but that’s from Texas Gov. Rick Perry. In spite of Wendy Davis’s vote-blocking filibuster, Perry fully intends to hold a special session of the Texas Legislature on July 1 to try again to pass his precious abortion bill SB5. And it’s predicated to be a successful attempt. Perry also said Davis’s filibuster was a “hijacking of the Democratic process” and said she “was the daughter of a single woman, she was a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas Senate.” Ready for Round 2, Wendy?