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    Missed Opportunity

    Rutgers’s Silly Condi Rice Protest

    Did the students and faculty think she’d get political in her commencement address? They should look at her past speeches—and realize it’s a shame they won’t hear her inspiring story.

    In the spring of 2011, Rutgers University paid $32,000 to get an important, boundary-breaking woman to speak on campus: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

    Yet at the same university where a crowd of over a thousand applauded Snooki’s discussion of her hair and partying, inviting Condoleezza Rice to speak at graduation is just not right, at least in the minds of a small but vocal group of faculty and students.

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    Rutgers Employee: I Was Fired Due to ‘Lesbian Bias’

    School says she couldn’t meet deadlines.

    A fired Rutgers university professor is suing the school for being fired due to “lesbian bias” by one of the university’s deans.  The employee, Laura Frederico, was fired a year ago from a public relations position at the school, but she claims that Jacquelyn Litt, dean of the Douglass Residential College and a distinguished women’s studies scholar, dislikes lesbians and believes that "women who had men behind them were stronger and better employees." The university denies that any harassment occurred and claims that Frederico was let go because of her inability to meet deadlines.

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    Julie Hermann to Lead Rutgers Athletics

    Set to be only female athletic director in the Big Ten next year.

    Can Rutgers University’s athletics program rebound after firing its athletic director and former basketball coach Mike Rice, who was videotaped shouting gay slurs and throwing balls at his players? The New Brunswick, New Jersey, school hopes to bounce back with Julie Hermann at the helm. Hermann, 49, is the third woman in a Bowl Championship Series program to head an athletic department. Next year, she will be the only female athletic director in the Big Ten. Even though Hermann was Louisville’s senior associate athletic director for 15 years, some are critical of Rutgers’s decision, since she has no direct football experience, which is a major component of the school’s athletics program.