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    No Touching!

    San Diego Reaches Deal With Mayor

    Will be revealed on Friday.

    Embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has reached a deal with the city amid a flood of accusations of sexual harassment. City attorneys said the details would remain confidential while they are being presented to the city council, but are expected to be made public on Friday afternoon. Filner has refused to step down, committing to two weeks of behavioral therapy as the accusations continue to come out. So far 18 women have accused of him of a range of inappropriate sexual advances.

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    San Diego Mayor to Seek Therapy

    Faced more reports of sexual harassment.

    After allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced about San Diego Mayor Bob Filner—amid mouting pressure to resign—he apologized, saying "I must take responsibility for my conduct" at a press conference. He announced plans to seek two weeks of therapy starting August 5. Four more women had come forward to accuse the mayor of sexual harassment. The accusers—including a retired Navy admiral, a San Diego State University dean, an association head, and a businesswoman—said they had also been victims of unwanted sexual advances from the mayor. One woman alleges Filner told her she was beautiful and wanted to date her after his reelection. Another said he “slobbered down my chin.” The total tally is now up to seven women, and the sheriff’s department has established a special hotline for more harassment reports. On Thursday night, city Democratic leaders decided they would ask Filner to step down.

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    Employee Comes Forward in Filner Allegations

    San Diego mayor asked her to work without underwear, she says.

    Bob Filner, a.k.a. the “hugger” mayor of San Diego, was recently accused of sexual harassment—and now one of his former employees has put a face to the allegations. Irene McCormack Jackson came forward to say that Filner asked her to work without underwear, forced her to kiss him, and dragged her around in a headlock. Many are insisting that the mayor of the eighth-largest U.S. city resign. Famed lawyer Gloria Allred sits alongside McCormack Jackson, who said Filner had acted inappropriately toward numerous women. “He is not fit to hold any public office,” McCormack Jacksonsaid.

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    Quotes Roundup: Huggers and Haters

    This week, everyone seemed to be on the defensive.

    Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis expressed some serious wrath toward Gov. Rick Perry, who signed the Texas abortion restrictions on Thursday. The bill, which goes into effect in October, bans abortions after 20 weeks, based on the disputed claim that fetuses can feel pain, and requires abortions to be done at surgical centers. Only five abortion clinics meet the new requirements. In a released statement, Davis said, “Governor Perry and other state leaders have now taken sides and chosen narrow partisan special interests over mothers, daughters, sisters and every Texan who puts the health of their family, the well-being of their neighbors, and the future of Texas ahead of politics and personal ambitions.”

    In San Diego, which Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy taught us is the classiest of all cities, Mayor Bob Filner was accused of sexual harassment. Filner vehemently denied the claims to San Diego television station KUSI. He refused to resign from office despite calls for him to step down. One woman, a volunteer for Filner’s campaign, alleges that he jammed “his tongue down her throat” and later put “his hand on the inside of her bra.” Even the mayor’s ex-fiancée accuses him of sending women sexually explicit text messages. The mayor has since apologized, but will still headline an event for sexual-assault victims.

  • San Diego Mayor Bob Filner smiling during a news conference at a park in San Diego on Nov. 7, 2012. (Greg Bull/AP, Greg Bull)

    Handsy Mayor

    Stay Classy, San Diego!

    He just likes hugging, OK? Caitlin Dickson on Mayor Bob Filner’s strange sexual-harassment defense.

    Bob Filner is not a pervert, he just hugs a lot. Is that so wrong? The San Diego mayor doesn’t seem to think so, and despite calls for his resignation from former colleagues, political supporters, and even his ex-fiancée, Filner made clear Tuesday that he has no intention of giving up his post without a fight.

    Explaining his refusal to resign amid a now-swirling scandal, Filner told a local TV station that he believes he deserves a fair investigation into the claims against him and insisted: “I’m a hugger, with both men and women. And if it turns out that … those are taken in an offensive manner, I need to have a greater sense of awareness of what I am doing.”

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    San Diego Mayor Won't Resign

    Amid allegations of sexual harassment, says he's a "hugger."

    Former Democratic Congressman and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner said he will not be resigning amid allegations he sexually harassed women. This week, claims surfaced that he had forced two women to kiss him. Filner said, according to Politico, "I do not believe I am guilty of sexual harassment, and I believe a full presentation of the facts will vindicate me."