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    Carried Away

    ‘Sex and the City’ Turns 15

    Advice on life, love, and getting old from the show as it celebrates its 15th anniversary. By Kevin Fallon.

    If a baby was born the day Sex and the City premiered, she would be just old enough now to rock her first pair of Manolos. That’s because June 6 marks the 15th anniversary of the premiere of Sex and the City. As the series transitions to its teenage years, it’s as culturally relevant as ever, with episodes rerunning almost constantly on cable, speculation about a third film always circulating, and fans quoting Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda daily—that is, when they’re not debating which of the four friends they are most like.

    (Or maybe you’re like Shoshanna on Girls, perhaps the most blatant example of Sex and the City’s lasting influence: “I think I’m definitely a Carrie at heart, but sometimes … sometimes Samantha kinds of comes out. And then, when I’m at school, I definitely try to put on my Miranda hat.”)

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    Sex and the Suburbs

    Reinventing Carrie Bradshaw

    Anna Klassen talks to ‘The Carrie Diaries’ star AnnaSophia Robb about sex, politics, and Carrie Bradshaw.

    It’s 1984, and young Carrie Bradshaw isn’t carousing around Manhattan with Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, or falling in and out of love with Mr. Big. Instead, the fashion-forward teen is still in high school, navigating life after the tragic death of her mother while trying to make friends and maybe even find love. Maybe.

    This is The Carrie Diaries, the CW’s adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s beloved novel of the same name, which premieres tonight.