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    Shake It Off?

    Taylor Swift, Queen of the Zionists?

    Is Tay-Tay the latest star on the path to Israel-related controversy?

    Is there a coming pro-Palestinian backlash against Taylor Swift?

    This week, it was reported that several producers are competing to bring the Grammy-winning artist to perform in Tel Aviv this summer. Here is Tay-Tay saying “shalom” to MTV Israel to promote her latest album:

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    Taylor Swift Boat

    Taylor Swift: Conservative or Liberal?

    Speaker John Boehner’s office sent out 12 Taylor Swift GIFs to make a point about college tuition. And to get us to write about it. It worked.

    Where does Tay-Tay stand on the issue of tuition-free community college?

    Hard to say. But House Speaker John Boehner will use her image for political jabs regardless.

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    Sarandon’s Stand

    She’s Not a Feminist?!

    Lizzie Crocker on why Susan Sarandon and other powerful women are distancing themselves from the word.

    Of all the female celebrities to eschew the feminist label, Susan Sarandon seemed a most unlikely candidate. The 66-year-old actress has long been outspoken about everything from women’s reproductive rights to voting and human-rights issues.

    But when The Guardian asked in a recent interview whether she would call herself the F word, Sarandon turned up her nose.

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    Abercrombie Pulls T-Shirt

    Allegedly took a jab at Taylor Swift.

    Clothing brand Abercrombie has pulled a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “#more boyfriends than t.s.” The “t.s.” in question is allegedly no other than Taylor Swift. It prompted a firestorm of protests among teenage T-Swift fans, some of whom posted YouTube videos and started petitions on Change.org to get Abercrombie to pull the shirt. Abercrombie’s public relations team posted the following phone message: “If you are calling regarding the Taylor Swift T-shirt, please note this is no longer available.” This all begs the question, how many teenage girls should be proud to wear a shirt with that kind of slogan in the first place?

  • April Fools’ Day!

    Ellen’s Best Pranks

    Just in time for April Fools’ Day, see the prank queen’s most memorable jokes on Taylor Swift and more.

    Hollywood Tour Bus

    When tourists in Los Angeles sign up for a Hollywood tour, they expect to see celebrity homes, landmarks, famous restaurants, hotels, and other notable locations. When Ellen DeGeneres takes over the bus, however, the innocent travelers get more than they bargained for.

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    Taylor Swift, Harry Styles Break Up

    After vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

    That relationship sure ended … swiftly. Taylor Swift and One Direction singer Harry Styles have reportedly called it quits. The pop stars flew to the British Virgin Islands for a vacation on New Year’s Day but apparently ran into some trouble in paradise. Sources say that after a big fight, Swift jetted back to the U.S. on Jan. 4. Swift began dating Styles soon after ending her brief fling with Connor Kennedy in October.

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