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    Why These Marines Are Hot for ‘Frozen’

    When a video of Marines singing along to a Disney song went viral, most viewers thought it was cute. It was really a lesson in how the military treats sex and violence.

    At first glance, it seems sweet: Young Marines in a barracks watching Disney’s blockbuster film, Frozen. Snuggled together on a couch, rippled shoulders touching, they bounce along, loudly singing the film’s hit song “Let It Go.” But then, as the song reaches its climax, the Marines explode. Arms go up in triumph, the bouncing turns to bucking, and the song’s final notes are overpowered by the aggressive sounds of the Marine Corps’ trademark war cry: “Ooh-rah!”

    Once the video was posted online, it immediately went viral. Viewers cheered on the “Adorable!” Marines in their moment of “true emotional liberation.” But they had missed the point entirely. Emotional liberation is not what’s going on in the video. It’s the sexy cartoon princess that has the Marines so worked up.

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    Disney's ‘Fallen Princesses’

    No fairytale ending? Dina Goldstein tells Marlow Stern about her amazing photo series, ‘Fallen Princesses.’

    What if your favorite Disney princess didn’t live happily ever after?

    That’s what Dina Goldstein is curious about. In her gripping photo series Fallen Princesses, the photographer envisions how Disney’s most celebrated females' lives would have played out in the real world.

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    Disney Princesses Unveiled

    The real women behind the iconic characters.

    Who’s that girl? From a 19-year-old who earned the role of Snow White because of her childlike charm to a woman who doubled as the Little Mermaid and Barbie in two Toy Story movies, the women behind Disney princesses may surprise you. Yahoo Movies breaks down each woman’s background (including the fabulous princesses who were voiced by both a singer and a voice actress.) The slideshow includes Disney’s newest princess, Anna from Frozen, voiced by Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame. The site also asked readers what’s most important to being a Disney princess—and sorry, songbirds—44 percent voted speaking is slightly more important than singing.

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    Princess power

    Disney’s Bad Message To Girls

    'Brave’ heroine Merida was supposed to be a different kind of princess—until Disney sexed her up. Caroline Linton talks to her creator about the online backlash against the Magic Kingdom makeover.

    Merida, the heroine of Pixar’s Brave, isn’t your typical Disney princess (no offense, Sleeping Beauty). She has frizzy hair; she beats off potential suitors with her archery skills; and (spoiler alert) she rides off on a horse without a prince in the end. So fans were baffled this week when Disney decided to give her a sexy makeover after adding her to their line of princess dolls. The new Merida had a slimmer waistline, beachy waves instead of untamed curls, and worst of all, no trademark bow and arrow. The new look caused such an uproar that it led to a Change.org petition with thousands of signatures to restore Merida’s original look—and Disney listened, sheepishly pulling the new Merida from its website. The heroine’s creator, Brenda Chapman, talks to Caroline Linton about what happened to the character modeled after her own daughter—and why it sends a bad message to girls. 

    The Daily Beast: Thank you so much for calling.

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    The Disney Princess Wedding Craze

    A growing number of adult women are making like Mariah Carey and decking out their nuptials in full Disneyland princess style. Jessica Grose dissects the new trend.

    On April 30, Mariah Carey celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary to actor Nick Cannon with her yearly renewal of vows. This time around, the ceremony took place at Disneyland, with Mimi dressed up like Cinderella and Nick clad in Prince Charming’s finest duds. The pair arrived at the fete in a horse-drawn carriage. The ceremony had the theme “Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?” and it reportedly involved 15,000 flowers and 10,000 crystals. They shut down the entire park for the occasion.

    Carey is 43 years old. She’s a mother of twins. And yet, one of her fantasy wedding celebrations is explicitly based on fairy tales. This is par for the course for Carey. She is famously a Hello Kitty addict whose spacious apartment is decorated in shades of Pepto-Bismol. But she’s far from the only bride in America to embrace the Disney Princess trappings. You, too, plebian bride-to-be, can have a similar Disney World ceremony in a Disney Princess–inspired wedding gown with a backdrop of the Cinderella Castle (if you’re willing to get married at 8 a.m., you can get the venue for a mere baseline cost of $10,000, not counting food and drink expenditures!).

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    Little Lost Fish

    Finding Nemo? Finding Dory!

    Ellen DeGeneres to star in Pixar sequel out in 2015.

    Everyone's favorite animated clownfish and his flightly blue friend are back! Ellen Degeneres--who voiced the cheerful regal blue tang fish who helped Nemo's father find his wayward son in Pixar's hit animated film "Finding Nemo"--dished on news of a sequel in the works for 2015. "The script is fantastic," she said. "It has everything I loved about the first one: a lot of heart, it's really funny, and the best part is it's got a lot more Dory."

    Indeed, while details of the new flick are scarce, the title--"Finding Dory"--indicates that Degeneres's merry, scatterbrained character with a short-term memory problem will take front-and-center.(The original voice for Nemo, Alexander Gould, is "devastated" that his vocals are now too low to play the role.) Here's hoping the little turtle Squirt and the vegetarian sharks make a cameo.