• Eric Risberg/AP


    Breaking the Grape Ceiling

    Half of the graduates at UC-Davis’ oenology program are female. So why do women lead only 10 percent of California’s wineries? Adrienne Vogt on Sonoma's old-boys’ club.

    As autumn falls upon us, America’s vintners are busy finishing up their harvests and getting ready for crowds to visit their wineries, taste their wines, and buy their products. But when you look at a bottle of California Chardonnay or Oregon Pinot—or better yet, when you swirl and sniff its contents—do you ever wonder about the winemaker who poured his (or her) heart and soul into the glass?

    “It’d be really interesting to do a tasting to see if you could tell the difference between wine made by a man and wine made by a woman,” says Megan Schofield, winemaker at Simi Winery in California's prestigious Sonoma County.