Malala Day

07.08.148:00 AM ET

Tweet, Talk and Hashtag for Girls' Education on July 14

What are you #strongerthan? For young Malala Yousafzai, it was the bullets that a man fired at her on her way home from school, shots that were heard around the world. As a survivor of an assassination attempt, she continued to stand up for girls' education—and now she's asking the Internet to do the same. This year, Malala Day will be about how others are supporting girls' education. In a just-released video, Malala asks viewers to raise their voices about their fight for education and to share what they're #strongerthan. “Malala Day is not my day,” said Malala during a speech at the United Nations in 2013. “It is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who has raised their voice for their rights.” This year, she said, it'll be a day for the world to rise together and speak up for girls' education, for those who cannot do the same. Everyone can share their stories, messages, pictures, and support on or by using the hashtag #strongerthan. The video begins with a line from Malala: "This is a story of strength." This is your chance to be a part of that story.